Monday ~ Cannellini and chicken soup
Tuesday ~ Beef Burritos
Wednesday ~ Lentils and brown rice w/cornbread
Thursday ~ Pork Loin with steamed cabbage and carrots
Friday ~  Cheeseburger Soup
Saturday ~ Pasta and garlic bread
Sunday ~ Homemade Pizza

Making for the freezer this week :

Apparentely a breakfast theme is on my mind... I'm thinking that I want breakfast to be as tidy and easy as possible after the baby comes. :) Starting the day off with a huge kitchen mess is not ideal.

6 loaves Applesauce Bread
Homemade Frozen Hashbrowns
Breakfast Burritos ~ DONE!
Pookie's lunches through next week ~ DONE!
2 pans of brownies ~DONE! ( although one is already ate.... have to make more )



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